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Rivierdijk 409
3372BV Hardinxveld-Giessendam
Tel. +31(0)184-614611
Fax +31(0)184-618877
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Woodworking machinery
Board edgers
Cross cut machines
Double end tenoners
Multirip saws
Saw machines
Sawmill machines
Sharping machines
Various machines
The company

Since the foundation in 1978 Diba Machinehandel has dealt in used and new timber and metal working machines.

Both national and international, Diba Machinehandel has delivered a lot of machines of all kind and has satisfied already many customers.

Diba Machinehandel works with their own employees and materials. As a result, the customers are served well and adequately.

A short summary:
- about 3.000 m covered storage  
- well equiped workroom with skilled  employees
- truck combination with loading crane
- service van
- internal means of transport
- possibility to load containers

The ambition of Diba Machinehandel is to meet the wishes of the customer by creating mutual confidence, cooperating well and working and thinking efficiently.

With our side we will try to give you an impression of Diba Machinehandel and of its value for you as a customer.

DIBA Machinehandel

2021 Diba Machinery
Rivierdijk 409    3372BV   Hardinxveld-Giessendam    Tel. +31(0)184-614611    Fax +31(0)184-618877    info@dibamachinery.nl
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